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Painting on glass | Stained Glass New York, Leaded glass

Smolen Stained Glass offers a high quality screen printing on flat glass with any image,pattern or design.
We offer both single and multicolor screen printing.
Our printing method is truly permanent.
We use traditional glass stainers and enamels.
Painted pieces are fired to proper temperatures in a kiln.

Painting on glass

Painted stained glass is an interesting and relatively simple alternative to professional glass stained glass.
They are a beautiful decoration of the apartment and can be a spectacular gift ..

Painting on glass is a very old art. It is used both for decorating decorative glass as well as decorative. Vases, glass trays, glasses, dishes, but also pictures, bottles, etc. were painted.

This art developed best in Europe in the Czech Republic, where the glass industry has existed since the mid-fourteenth century. Initially, the paintings on the glass served the burghers and only in the eighteenth century gradually spread to the countryside.
The paintings were hung under the sloping rooms, side by side, and they were the most important element of the interior design. In the countryside, however, around 1880, interest in this art fell, and pictures of saints began to appear on the glass.

Painting on glass

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