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Leaded stained glass | Stained Glass New York, Leaded glass

About us – Leaded stained glass, leaded glass New York

Zdzislaw Smolen has been working with glass for over 20 years and has experience in design, fabrication and installation of leaded stained glass, custom stained glass windows for residential, commercial and industrial installation throughout New York and United State. His unique and custom design are created to your specification from original design to selection of glass.

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Leaded stained glass – classic stained glass

Many people associate leaded stained glass only with religious buildings. However, their timeless charm means that some are looking for the possibility of using this type of decorations also in homes. Popular are not only windows decorated with their help, but also decorative items such as pendants, lamps and even sculptures, produced using stained glass. In this article, we will focus on the use of stained glass in windows and doors and present the pros and cons of these solutions. We will also try to tell you when to use stained glass windows, and in which cases it is better to give them up.

Stained-glass windows play primarily a decorative role – they successfully decorate mainly windows, but they are also used in the glazing of the front door, glazed walls separating rooms or even the door from the sideboard. People fascinated by them say that there is magic in the stained glass that is irresistible. When arranging a house, especially when it is an atmospheric, rustic country house, instead of glass in the window or entrance door, put a stained glass window that gives the interior a unique atmosphere.

Leaded stained glass – classic. Technique using lead

Making the stained glass by the classical method is the most time-consuming and complicated. Stained glass is formed from separate pieces of glass embedded in a lead profile. First, a drawing is made, on the basis of which the corresponding fragments are cut out in the colored glass. After grinding, they are deposited on previously prepared profiles, which are soldered

Selected Public Commissions:

Saint Hedwig?s Church (NY)

Saint Patrick?s Cathedral (NY City)

Saint Mary?s Cathedral (Indiana)

Marble Collegiate (NY City)

Central Synagogue (NY City)

Park East Synagogue (NY City)

Conception Abbey (Missouri)

Our Lady of the Lourdes (Massachusetts)

City College (NY)

Seton Hall (NJ)

Saint Gregory Church (NJ)

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